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Syria 2012

Soldiers Vs Rebels
by Violentce | Syrian Soldiers Beat Detainees, Make Them Shout ‘Allah…Syria and Bashar Only’

FSA Sniper Vs Soldier And APC
by Violentce | FSA Sniper takes out a SAA Soldier then prevents other SAA soldiers from picking him up by shooting at their APC.

Syrian Soldier Vs Sniper
by Violentce | Syria snipe on soldier at checkpoint. This one clearly very real.

Syrian Army Vs Russian BMP
by surrey604 | \r\nThe Free Syrian Army destroyed Russian BMP\r\n\r\nHoly shit!

Beaten Syrian Vs Army
by Violentce | ssad regime loyalists inside Hims, Syria beat and humiliate detained civilians while being questioned. They take some pretty nasty hits in this one, including kicks and punches in the face.Look Wall Street....this is police brutality, as opposed ...

Syrians Vs Army
by Violentce | A 12 minute clip regarding the Syrian protesting that the army is trying to stop by killing civilians. Interesting find for sure!