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Actor Vs Gangster
by Violentce | Chinese Fight Scene from a movie. Guy slaps dude in the head so hard that his eyeball explodes out.

Ryu Vs Ken
by Violentce | Street Fighter-Legacy' a Streetlight Films production, co-directed by Joey Ansah and Owen Trevor, produced by Jacqueline Quella and stars Jon Foo as Ryu and Christian Howard as Ken.'StreetFighter-Legacy' a liveaction short film fan project, based...

Oldboy Vs Villians
by Violentce | e corridor fight scene took seventeen takes in three days to perfect, and was one continuous take -- there was no editing of any sort except for the knife that was stabbed in Oh Dae-su's back, which was computer-generated imagery. Though the scene ha...

Ritchie Vs Prisoner
by Violentce | Movie about two guys fighting in jail. One guy loses his eye after a tap to the back of the head. And the guy cut with a knife sows his wound back together with his hands.

Bully Vs Beatdown
by Violentce | A contestant on the show Bully Beatdown is beating his beater only to get knocked out cold

Jamaican Chick Vs Shevonne Morris
by Violentce | Crazy Jamaican girls going Head to head in the craziest brawl I have EVER seen. I really felt bad for that girl in the wig OMG!!! Did you see what was under their!!

Cheater Vs Cheated On
by Violentce | Apparently the guy that cheats on his chick ends up knocking out his "ex". This happened during a cheaters epiisode that was aired on on Maury.

The Hulk Vs Abomination
by arjun | his is one of the best Super Hero, CG fight scenes created in Hollywood movies. The fight scene is from the movie 'The Incredible Hulk', a re-boot of its predecessor ‘Hulk’. Here, the battle is between the incredible Hulk and another hulk like mo...

Hero Vs Heroine
by anbarasan | Dynamic fight scene from the movie "Thimiru"(2006), choreographed by Kanal Kannan.

One Guy Vs The Martial Arts school
by arjun | his fight scene is from an Indian action-thriller film, Anniyan (meaning: Foreigner). The fight takes place between the Hero/villain, a Dissociative identity disorder patient and an entire Martial arts school including their Master, when the Villain ...

JuPe Vs DePe
by riapto | Initially, two Indonesian actress, Julia Perez (JuPe) and Dewi Persik (DePe) is only doing fight scenes. The fight originally was acting alone resulted in a real fight.

Kung Fu Master Vs Young Street Fighter
by rocketman55 | Its a classic type of fight between two schools of martial arts on top a high platform. The loser gets thrown off.

Wing Chun Master Vs Thug
by rocketman55 | Wing Chun practicioner fights off against a highly martial trained thug.

Indonesia Vs Volcano 2
by puspanjali | The volcanic eruption which occurred in Indonesia which destroyed the environment ,forest land and many civilian in the area

Yasur Volcano Vs Vanuatu 2
by puspanjali | OH no !! It looks like cracker burst.The Yasur Volcano eruptedwith throwing ash and liquid lava as the crackers burst.

Brue Lee Vs Nunchuck Opponent
by rocketman55 | This is the original clip of Bruce Lee using nunchucks in the movie Game of Death

Ninja Assasin Raizo Vs Ninja student
by unpurechoy | This video shows one of the training that Raizo have to take to become a Ninja

Ninja Assassin - Raizo Vs Jefe Ozunu
by unpurechoy | This video shows the final battle between Raizo and his master in the last part of the movie

Ninja Assasin Raizo Vs 5 Ninjas
by unpurechoy | This video shows the last part of the movie where Raizo fought against five of his brethren

Ninja Assasin Raizo Vs Mob Boss
by unpurechoy | This video shows the first assasination mission and serves as his final test to be a full pledged ninha

Lord of the Rings Legolas Vs Oliphant
by unpurechoy | This video shows how Legolas single handedly killed the gigantic Oliphant

Lord of the Rings Eowyn Vs Witch King
by unpurechoy | This video shows the battle between the Witch King and Eowyn as she tried to save the king of Rohan

Lord of the Rings Aragorn Vs Lurtz
by unpurechoy | This video shows the battle between The First Uruk Hai and Aragorn as the latter tried to save Boromir

Lord of the rings Top 5 Legolas Vs Orcs
by unpurechoy | Showcases the epic scenes of Legolas kicking stinky orc asses and showing us that he is awesome

The Lord of the Rings - The Battle of the Black Gate Team Aragorn Vs Team Sauron
by unpurechoy | This video shows the final battle between combined forces of human, elves, dwarves and hobbits against the dark minions of Sauron

Hulk Vs Abomination
by rjhuaman2009 | The best fight scene in the Incredable Hulk. The abomination looses against the hulk.

Tei Lung Vs The Five Kung Fu Masters
by rjhuaman2009 | Fight scene in kung fu panda. tei lung beats the five kung fu masters.

Morpheous Vs Neo
by rjhuaman2009 | One of the best fight scenes in the matrix franchise. It is morpheous against neo.

Karate Kid Vs Little Boy
by rjhuaman2009 | The last fight scene in the new Karate Kid movie where the good guys win and Jacki Chan is the new Mr Miagi

Freddy Vs Jason Dream
by rjhuaman2009 | Freddy vs Jason fight scene. Freddy goes into jasons dream and jason think he can kill him there.

Freddy Vs Jason
by rjhuaman2009 | Freddy vs Jason fight scene. Freddy seems like he is winning but really he looses.

Joe Greco Vs The Knife
by rjhuaman2009 | Joe Greco from cheaters gets stabed by a mad man who cheated on his girlfriend.

Ironman Vs F22 Raptors
by jsubang | The fight scene where ironman uses his new suit payback the kidnappers who kidnap him in the first place. better watch this video to find out the action.

AC-130 Vs Scorpion Decepticons
by jsubang | Decepticons think that they can outmart and overpower the human race, well they got what they deserved.

Angeal And Genesis Vs Sephiroth
by jsubang | The fight between angeal ad genesis versus sephiroth. watch this awesome fight scene.

Animatrix Jue Vs Thadeus
by jsubang | This is the fighting scene between Jue and Thadeus from the clip: "Final Flight of the Oriris" from The Animatrix.

Neo Vs Bullets
by jsubang | In this scene neo tries to dodge a bullet. will neo be hit by the bullet well better watch this one.

Neo Vs Several Armed Guards
by jsubang | The fight scene when neo enters the building carrying heavy weapons. will neo survives well better watch this one.

Sam Vs Clu - LIghtcycleBattle
by jsubang | A high speed battle between sam and clu. who will this high speed fight. well better watch this video.

Never Back Down - Final Fight - Jake Vs Ryan
by jsubang | The final fight of the movie Never Back Down. win jake fight ryan and win? well better watch this video.

Never Back Down - Jake Vs 3 Ryan
by jsubang | The fight at the party from the movie Never Back Down. MUST watch.

Never Back Down - Jake Vs 3 Guys
by jsubang | The fight between Jake and 3 guys from the movie Never Back Down. MUST watch.

Jin Kazama Vs Miguel Rojo
by jsubang | Jin's first fight from the tournament. Will jin win this round well better watch this video.

Eddy Vs Raven
by jsubang | The fight between eddy and raven from the movie tekken. Better watch this video the action.

Nina Williams Vs Christie Monteiro
by jsubang | From the movie tekken. Watch this vdeo as two sexies girls on tekken battles on who is the better one.

Gunner Vs Yin - [The Expendables]
by jsubang | The awesome fight between gunner and yin from the movie the expendables.

Dolph Lundgren Vs Sylvester Stallone - Rocky IV 1985
by jsubang | One of the legendary movie fight scene. will stallon win? well better watch this one

Sylvester Stallone Vs Mr. T
by jsubang | the final fight between Sylvester Stallone and Mr. T. who will win this round well better watch this video

Raizo Vs Master
by jsubang | The final battle from the movie ninja assasin. Will raizo defeat his master. better watch this video to find out.

The One: Jet Li Vs Jet Li
by jsubang | The final battle between the future jet li and the current jet li. will evil win over good well you better watch this fight.

Vampires Vs Vampires And Werewolf
by jsubang | The final battle between selene and michael versus the genesis vampire and werewolf. Better watch this video for you see who will win the ultimate fight

Blade Vs Dracula
by jsubang | The final fight between blade and dracula. who will win well you better find out and watch this video.

Blade (1998): Blade Vs Deacon
by jsubang | The final fight between blade and frost. who will win well you better find out and watch this video.

Jaden Smith Vs Evil Kid
by jsubang | Jaden smith from karate Kid fights his evil enemy. Better watch this awesome battle.

Two Race Cars Vs Bike Fight
by jsubang | Two Petrol head go head to head race when a biker wanna pass them. they decided not to let the biker pass so they get what they want from it.

Neo Vs Smith
by jsubang | Neo's last battle against mr. smith. wll neo finally defeat it. better watch this video.

Iron Man Vs Wiplash
by jsubang | This is the fight scene between ironman and wiplash. Better watch this video to see the action

Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris 4
by Werold | The legendary Chuck Norris fighting the mythical Bruce Lee in The Way of the Dragon. There is chest hair pulling.

Man Vs Spiderman
by jsubang | A cruel fight between man and woman but luckily spiderman comes to a rescue.

Girl Vs Girls
by jsubang | First she is floored in a catfight then outdone by another woman.in an extremely lopsided fight.http://youtu.be/touq1vTPcug

Neo Vs Smiths
by jsubang | Scene of The Matrix - Reloaded when Neo Fights against a lots of Agents Smiths.

Neo Vs Agent Smith
by jsubang | From the first movie the matrix. the fight scene between neo and agent smith. who will win this round will better watch the video.

Neo Vs Seraph
by jsubang | Short and action packed fight scene between Neo and Seraph. who will win this fight well better watch this video.

Neo Vs Morpheus
by jsubang | Scene from the first of the Matrix Trilogy, where Morpheus trains Neo.

Girl Vs Guy 4
by jsubang | It's a general rule never throw trash in your neighbour's yard!

Reptile Vs Reptilian Councilmember
by jsubang | A fight from tv series mortal combat conquest. reptile versus his council. who will win this furious battle, well better watch it out.

Ninja Vs Gun
by jsubang | A ninja battles a guy with a 9mm. who will win. better watch this video

Suniel Vs Sohel
by Niz1986 | Violence scene from movie Lakeer [2004] Best Scene. watch it

Doctor Vs Patient
by Niz1986 | Action clip from "Undefeatable", a truly incredible martial arts film.

Man Vs Man 300
by Niz1986 | This is the final fight sequence in 300, the movie, leading up to the death of King Leonidas, the Spartans' fierce leader. Enjoy!

Man Vs Gun
by Niz1986 | The Final fight scene in Equilibrium (2002). Awesome Movie best fights.. watch it

Samurai Vs Samurai
by Niz1986 | Samurai Fight Scene from Zatoichi by Takeshi Kitano. In this scene Gennosuke Hattori defeats his rival Clan.

Ninja-Scott Adkins Vs Bad Guys
by Niz1986 | A scene from the film "Ninja" starring Scott Adkins. Awesome fight and free style. watch it

Man Vs Man 7
by Niz1986 | Greatest Movie I've seen in a long time. So here's a little tribute.I do not claim copyright to this video, and Wanted is copyright Universal Pictures.

Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris 3
by Niz1986 | he commentary from Bey Logan and Jon Benn really adds to the atmosphere of watching one of the greatest fight scenes ever.Did you realise that the fight actually wasn't filmed in the Colosseum?"It should really be called Bruce shuffle. Because Al...

Man Vs Man 6
by Niz1986 | this is the best scene from the movie ong bak. Fight Club Fight For Money [Betting]

Man Vs Man 5
by Niz1986 | Tony Jaa vs what might be Eddy from Tekken. Awesome Fight must watch

Man Vs Man 4
by Niz1986 | This is one of the fight scenes from a Thai movie called Tom Yum Goong. This is Tony Jaa's second movie.

Man Vs Man [Free Style]
by Niz1986 | Scene From B 13 Movie... Awesome Fight And Free Style Must watch it

Man Vs Slap
by Niz1986 | Have you ever seen someone get slapped in super slow motion?

Tony Jaa Vs Gang
by Violentce | Crazy video of some martial artist breaking arms and legs. Might be a movie but still a very intense scene.

by samron | Check out this awesome fight between the legendary Bruce LEe and CHuch Norris. Both of the with their great fighting abilitiues create an awesome movie that has this breathtakingfight scene. A must watch and a must see movie.

Fan Vs Wrestler
by asiasgoddess | On this video you will see a great fight Eddie Guerrero gets pushed off of the Ladder by a fan.

Jeff Jarret Vs Fan
by asiasgoddess | A fan jumps the rail at the recent TNA tapings and jumps Jeff Jarrett...the guy then gets the brunt of James Storm's fury.

Human Vs Human
by Niz1986 | In this movie, you can see skills of humans in terms of protecting their selves

The Avengers Vs The Hulk
by samron | Check out the battle where the Avengers take on the might Hulk, the avengers are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Giantman & Wasp, Nick Fury, Black Widow, all of these together fight against the Hulk.

Spiderman Vs Rhino
by samron | Check out the animated series of Spiderman, and in this video see spiderman face his enemy Rhino. Spiderman still remains one of the oldest cartoons made and thats one superhero that comes out winning more often than ever.

spiderman Vs venom
by samron | In this video you can watch the battle between spiderman and venom his biggest enemy. The video is taken from the cartoon superhero Spiderman which also remains one of the earliest cartoons made.

Spiderman Vs Carnage
by samron | atch this video of Spiderman the cartoon character taking on Carnage. Spiderman was one of the earliest of cartoons made and very recently due to the development of technology we have three parts of the movie to watch. The Spiderman character in this...

Neo Vs Hulk
by samron | Check out this animated video of Neo and the Hulk, both these characters fight it out in a wrestling match and watching them battle it out is got a thrill of its own kind, A must watch video.

Neo Vs Terminator
by samron | Here in this video check out Neo facing Terminator. Both these movies the Matrix and Terminator have been great ones, especially on the box office and a lot of new age movies draw influence from the same.

Husband Vs Wife 3
by madel911 | A funny commercial video of a wife and husband fighting for a car.

Husband Vs Wife 2
by madel911 | A comedic short film from Whirlwind Action. Starring Juno Sirk and Micah Brock.

Husband Vs Wife
by madel911 | Wife got home from work and saw her lazy husband having his afternoon siesta and he got what he deserves!!!

Girl Vs Guy 3
by squashylights | What will you do when you come to know that your girl friend is actually a guy and that too on national television. lolz