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Saint Paul Police Vs Beaten
by Violentce | Police Brutality in St. Paul: Black man on ground after being maced, heaving and trying not to vomit. Cop suddenly kicks him, cuffs him, pulls him up by his hair, slams him into police car, and arrests him.

Suspect Vs Defence Lawyer
by Violentce | quot;Wendall Hollingsworth was accused for holding people at gunpoint during a robbery. He was brought in court in a wheelchair and suddenly he started kicking his own defense attorney. Deputies immediately tasered the man and removed him from the co...

Rondo Vs Pietrus
by Violentce | One NBA player throws a blind pases only for the other guy to catch it with his face. Original video says he get s Knocked Out when he really just got Knocked Down.

Police Vs James New
by Violentce | Some guy with a death wish rushes a cop as soon as he gets pulled over. Gets tasered and then he ends up brandishing what looks like a gun and the cop executes him on the spot. Sheboygan's district attorney office says police shooting justifiable.

Quiet Dude Vs Taser
by Violentce | Cops walk up to some random sitting on a porch and tase him. Didn't get to see why this happened but Im sure he did something dumb.

Cop Vs Suspect 5
by Violentce | his tough talking chick cop tries to take down a bad guy who got away from her before, and she quickly learns the hard way that she's in the wrong profession! When her male backup arrives, she is in a headlock and being tased! How humiliating for thi...

Bully Vs Bigger Bully Vs Taser
by Violentce | Awesome video of a bully getting beaten in jail. Sucks to be the guy tazed. Ouch! PRISON BRAWL! Bully Picks a Fight With the Wrong Guy in a Jail Cell

Taser Vs bull
by thessarie | A local law enforcement agency wanted to test the take down power of a TASER device. They thought a 2000 lb bull would be a good start.

Black Student Vs Black Students
by asiasgoddess | The kid shouldnt have been tazed towards the end, but I do agree, 2 cops VS a crowd of easily 100-200 people, cops arent one man armies guys, and believe it or not they have a right to defend themselves if threatened too

Prisoner Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |courtroom defendant accused of threatening a prosecutor was restrained with a Taser Wednesday, Louisville television station WLKY reported. Percy Phillips, 44, who was in handcuffs and leg irons at the time, jumped out of his chair and knocked over ...

Killer Vs Police
by asiasgoddess |convicted killer was wrestled to the floor and stunned in a Wichita, Kansas courtroom. Officers had to restrain Gregory Moore after an emotional outburst during the sentencing phase of his trial for killing a sheriff's deputy. He became irate over t...

Girl Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | iami police tazer a young woman during the protests against the FTAA. The small group of protesters were yelling at police about the man seen laying on the ground getting handcuffed. The man had a broken arm and was screaming out in pain about being ...

Crazy Man Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | This crazy Meth head came into our office and the cops finally came and took care of him..............................

Drunken Man Vs Cops
by asiasgoddess | A drunken man obstructs traffic in the street before attempting to assault a police officer. The police use a stun gun to incapacitate the man prior to arrest.

Drug Dealer Vs Police
by asiasgoddess | In this amazing video a wanted drug dealer is so wasted he crashes into a tree and then struggles to lie still on the ground prompting officers to taser him.

Police Vs Spectator
by squashylights | Man gets tasered during baseball game For A Wrong seat & little bottles of vodka ? Oakland

Black Man Vs Cop 2
by squashylights | A drunken man obstructs traffic in the street before attempting to assault a police officer. The police use a stun gun to incapacitate the man prior to arrest.

Police Vs Drunkard
by squashylights | uma County Sheriff's Office Deputy and intoxicated individual in verbal altercation. As you can clearly see taser deployment prevent harm to the Deputy and to the suspect by stopping this aggressive attack which could of turn into something a lot wor...


New 007 Laser Weapon - Revealed!
by prakashvr | New 007 Laser Weapon - Revealed!