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2 Lions Vs Tiger
by Violentce | A stupid lioness tried to show her bravery to tiger, only to get beaten badly by tiger. Then male lion came to help lioness only to get slapped and chased away by tiger.

Tiger Vs Crocodile 3
by dild26 | Tiger kills Crocodile ,Tiger is the winner. The most ferocious animal ever, the Tiger is consistent in attacking the Crocodiles. Tiger is up against against Crocodiles as it is faster with strong reflexes, never let it down at any moment of attack

Tiger Vs Crocodile 2
by Target | Tiger vs Crocodile. Tiger comes from behind and kills Crocodile

Snake Vs Tiger
by thessarie | At the beginning of the fight it looks like the tiger’s got an upper hand but at the end it really gets into trouble. Some might say that in the old days this fights were staged. Well it still shows a massive strength of both animals.

Tiger Vs Indian
by DemoNik | A tiger in India escaped and attacked people in the public wildly!

Lion's Vs Lion's
by sean512 | usually Lions fight for their territories and foodonly two cases they dont fight for fun that too such aggressively . this video is all about lions fighting among themselves in the cases i mentionedjust watch em.

WhiteTiger Vs Lion's
by sean512 | white tiger is ultimate it always wins even in a battle with two lions 2 times bigger than its size its awesome. watch the video rare footage.

Tiger Vs Monkey
by jsubang | It's my toy and don't you dare getting it because it's definitely mine.

Tiger Vs Tiger 3
by jsubang | When you got two of the most powerful cats on the earth fighting eachover things are going to be messy and loud. This was just a play fight.

Tiger Vs Tiger 2
by jsubang | Sad fact is tiger fatal fights over females are far to often. Kanha tigers and other tigers India have the highest mortality rate due to fighting than any other cats. Next respectably is the North American Cougar. As high as 40% of male tigers are KI...

Tiger Vs Tiger
by jsubang |Tigers fight like curs because they are submissive before they actually start fighting. Tigers also don't fight as long as lions do. They are not aggressive enough and hardly attack one another head to head.

Cat Vs Dog
by patriciapapier | Like cats and dogs, these two seems to prove it wrong when onwer actually forces them to fight eachother

Bird Vs Tiger
by patriciapapier | A bird seems to feel like attacking a Tiger and the Tiger gets scared and almost falls

Moneky Vs Tiger
by pradeepkovvuru | Monkey playing with tiger in a funny way,irritating it and playing with it

Tiger Vs Dummy
by jsubang | The tiger is third largest flesh eating mammal and size in one of the predator's primary weapons. A 600 pound Siberian Tiger is allowed to unleash its power on a dummy.

Tiger Vs Warthog
by jsubang | Baby warthog completely destroys african lion. Ibet the lion later dies from it's injuries. An the warthog probably ate it.

Ostrich Vs Tiger
by squashylights | he ostrich is sprinting at 40 mph and experts thought that only cheetahs would be able to outrun them but these American hybrid tigers did it too. This shows Tigers are capable of speeds of over 40mph and even reaching 50mph

Tigress Vs Bear
by Niz1986 | This video shows about how tigress and bear hunt for their daily living

Tiger Vs Python
by samron | A real vintage video of a fight between the Tiger and a Python. The Tiger wants to show his territory rule and the Python comes in the way. They both battle it out and have a great fight. The Python gets a grip, but the young tiger escapes.

Tigers Vs Lion
by asiasgoddess | The tiger didn't own the lion...the lion got double teamed so he was like oh fuck this shit they aint playin fair im out

Tiger Vs Lion 2
by asiasgoddess | This is a compilation of different fight scenes of Lion and Tiger.Its a must see movie!

Tiger Vs Bear
by Uday | HD) Tiger Vs Bear, Interspecies interaction in Wild !

Tiger Vs Crocodile
by Uday | Fighting Tigers Hidden Cameras ( Tigers vs Crocodiles, Deers, Lions and a Bear)

Lion Vs Tigers
by Violentce | Lion tries to enforce its rule only to get boxed by two tigers.

Tiger Vs Lion
by Violentce | Friendly battle between a lion and a tiger. Tiger submits.

Tiger Vs Alligator
by Violentce | Alligator getting its ass kicked

Lion Vs Tiger
by Violentce | Black and white footage. Video is a clip from a movie.