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Tornado Vs Venice
by surrey604 | An exceptionally uncommon Tornado hit Venice in Italy - 06/12/2012

Manitoba Vs Tornado 2
by puspanjali | Oh no !! oh god!!The Manitoba which was the dangerous tornado which wiped away many things with it which was on its way

Train Vs Tornado 5
by puspanjali | A Train on the track moving smoothly on aware of the mighty tornado that approaches towards it and scatters it

Train Vs Tornado 4
by drak3ll0rd | A TORNADO STRUCK NORTHERN BOONE AND NORTHWEST MCHENRY and blew the train away

Manitoba Vs Tornaedo
by Ashwath33 | A bunch of guys taping a humungus tornadoe as it as it goes on a rampage in Manitoba.

Truck Vs Wind
by drak3ll0rd | Thursday Januari 18th 2007 Moerdijk Bridge, The Netherlands. Storm tips over the truck. Driver's OK

Wisconsin Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Storm chasersdocumented this large tornado near the town of Friendship, WI on April 10, 2011. Later the team encountered a second tornado south of Appleton, in the town of Neena

Minnesota Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Photogenic tornado in western Minnesota on August 7, 2010! This tornado caused significant damage to a farmstead near the town of Campbell, but thankfully there were no injuries reported.

Oklahoma Vs Tornado 3
by asiasgoddess | F-5: The May 3, 1999 tornado tragedy.*WARNING!! DO NOT TAKE COVER UNDERNEATH AN OVERPASS WHEN A TORNADO IS APPROACHING!!!

Mississippi Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | e tracked this violent cone/wedge tornado from close range as it struck Leakesville in extreme southeast Mississippi. Thankfully it appeared that the main core of the tornado passed just on the north edge of town, so structural damage was minor compa...

Iowa Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Large EF-3 tornado that tragically impacted the small town of Mapleton. They abandoned the chase for several hours to assist affected residents.

Oklahoma Vs Tornado 2
by asiasgoddess | torm chasers/meteorologists Marc Austin, Robert McIntyre and Gabe Garfield documented and reported this violent multi-vortex tornado that struck areas in and around Tushka and Atoka, Oklahoma on April 14, 2011. They ultimately abandoned the chase to ...

Oklahoma Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Amazing video of several strong tornadoes in Pawnee to Osage County, OK near dusk on May 1, 2008. Rare video of destructive tornadoes, as storm chasers were calling in the reports to emergency managers

Kansas Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | On April 29th, 2009, storm chaser Verne Carlson documented multiple landspouts and gustnadoes near Garden City, KS. Note the tiny vortices spinning out in front of the main circulation!

Texas Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Video of a strong tornado knocking down power poles directly in front of theTornadoVideos.net Storm Research Vehicle (SRV). Two tornadoes next to each other touching the ground at the same time!

Manitoba Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Storm chasers Reed Timmer and Dave Holder captured this huge, violent wedge tornado in southwest Manitoba on June 23, 2007. We were blasted by mud and flying corn stalks as the tornado crossed the road less than 200 yards away!

Nebraska Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | ebraska tornado on June 17, 2009. The tornado intensified right on top of the TornadoVideos.net SRV Dominator, and the window was blown out as an intense mini suction vortex passed over the vehicle. A 138.8 mph wind gust was measured by the roof anem...

Wyoming Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | xtreme video from inside the Goshen co, Wyoming tornado on June 5, 2009 from the TornadoVideos.net SRV Dominator. Wind data was collected as the tornado passed overhead. Note the video from the roof bubble cam, which shows our magnet amber light gett...

Illinois Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Stormchasers capture video of a tornado moving through Yates City, Illinois. Another storm reportedly killed two people in Ohio.

Colorado Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | A funnel cloud formed and touched the ground in southeastern Colorado. No injuries were reported and there was no severe damage

Train Vs Tornado 3
by asiasgoddess | A tornado struck Northern boone and Northwest Mchenry Counties Monday afternoon. There were four injuries in Boone county and one in Mchenry County

Cars Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | On this video you will see a massive Tornado thattosses cars 40 ft into the air ......................................

Couple's Car Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Tornado Forms Near Terrified Couple's Car It's awesome how cool this guy stays to talk his wife through the ordeal.

Argentina Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess |late 2009, Storm chasers Reed Timmer, Chris Chittick and company traveled to South America to experience storm season south of the Equator. They were rewarded for their efforts on their very first chase, documenting a large tornado near Santa Rosa, ...

Tornado Vs Canada
by asiasgoddess | On this Video you will see a triple colossal canadian tornado that you cannot see all the time..............

Town Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | he first tornado was near the town of Sharon, KS. This video starts off with that tornado. It was a beautiful elephant trunk which at first was low contrast, but the contrast got better as the tornado began picking up the red dust that was in the fie...

House Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | The guy thinks that a stone or concrete building will stand against a strong tornado... just leave it to him to be the dumbass.  He just doesnt get it.Hay can be thrown through brick by a tornado... thats how strong it gets.

Tornado Vs Manchester
by asiasgoddess | Watch how tornado destroys Manchester Reed Timmer and his Storm Chasers team hang close to film a EF4 monster in Manchester,

Tornado Vs Oklahoma
by asiasgoddess | Authorities say at least five homes have been destroyed and other structures damaged by a tornado in western Oklahoma Monday. The state's department of emergency management says there were no reports of any injuries with the storm

Tornado Vs Truck
by asiasgoddess | At least one tornado touches down in western Iowa while winds toss trucks and trains. Authorities report no major injuries.

Tornado Vs Train
by asiasgoddess | Working on the railroad in bad weather when a tornado touches down behind my train. My engineer then takes off racing the tornado, as chaos happens in the background.

Tornado Vs Chicago Area
by asiasgoddess | Three tornadoes ripped through the Chicago area causing severe damage to homes and businesses. At least one fatality was reported in Indiana from a fallen tree. Dean Reynolds reports.

Air Force Base Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | A tornado strikes McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas. tornado is showing everyone whos boss yaaaaaaaaaa lool tornado with attitude... it has a mind of its own

Cow Vs Tornado
by asiasgoddess | Roger Hill and crew put a camera in the path of an oncoming cow, and a tornado.I heard the best thing to do when you encounter a tornado is to lay flat on the ground so that it doesn't hit you and hit taller object instead.

Tornado Vs Cameraman
by squashylights | e knew very little about storm structure or forecasting back then, but we learned fast on May 3, 1999. This video is a great example of how NOT to safely storm chase. Seeking shelter under an overpass is a HUGE mistake, since the winds actually accel...

Tornado Vs Farms
by squashylights | storm chasers Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor shot this INSANE video of a violent tornado from within 50 yards!!! We had to back up at the last second, and my cell phone fell out on the road and was taken away by the tornado!!

Train Vs Tornado
by squashylights | The camera here is inside the cab. It's part of a recording system usually used to monitor that the engineer or driver is keeping the speed and hasn't missed signals. It also is kinda a black box for use in crashes...