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Hunters Vs Lion 2
by Violentce | Hunters almost get eaten

Hunters Vs Lion
by Violentce | Hunters become the hunted.

Lion Vs Bow Hunters
by Violentce | Lion gets shot about 3:15 into the video.

Elephant Vs Excalibur Crossbow
by Violentce | Crossbow hunting in the safari.

Hippo Vs Hunters
by Violentce | Hunters on a boat attack a hippo.

Bow Vs Goats Head
by Violentce | Goat takes a headshot. Good aim.

Bow Vs Coyote 2
by Violentce | Coyote gets killed

Bow Vs Coyote
by Violentce | Coyote gets slayed by a bow. Although it does not get killed.

Varmint Grenade Vs Varmits
by Violentce | Cool bullet action.

Super Talon Net Gun Vs Emu
by Violentce | Some crazy cool invention that shoots nets at what ever you aim at. Wicked.

Rookies Vs .577 T-Rex
by Violentce | A bunch of rookies attempting to shoot a super sized bullet.

Bahrain Army Vs Protestors
by Violentce | Peaceful protesters in Bahrain are shot at as they approach the tanks.