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Video Of the Day

Beast-mode Vs Dudes
by Violentce | Guy in Hawaiian shirt throws down and one punches some dudes quick fast style. Happens out some restaurant. People drop fast so this is a good video.

Emo Vs Non Emo
by Violentce | If you're into street fights then you for sure want to check this one out.

1 Bro Vs 2 Slow Dudes
by Violentce | One bro takes on two aggressive dudes, in under 6 secondsJust your average day at the American river.\"You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.\" - by Disney, Walt....

Hood Chick Vs Pipe
by Violentce | Bitch does the twitching chicken on the ground after getting slayed in the head with a pipe.Just another day in the Hood...Mass brawl in the US, Woman gets hit with pipe while trying to flee.

16 Old Girl Vs Mean Punch
by Violentce |CCTV camera caught a man knocking out a 16 year old girl with a blow to the head outside the Black Lion Pub in the Plaistow neighborhood of Newham in East London. The girl was treated for bruising to her head and cuts to her face and was later relea...

Ukranians Vs Ukranians
by Violentce | Massive Brawl in Ukraine!Wow!! Couple of knocked out dudes as well.

Drunks Vs Angries
by Violentce | Las Vegas Fight No security around. Beer bottle scene at 37 seconds.

Chick Group Vs Girl
by Violentce | School girls' brutal violence, many on oneThis may be the most violent beating by girls I've ever seen.

Kicked Vs KO
by Violentce | Knocked out with a nasty kick. Buddy bounces his head right off of the concrete.

One Russian Vs Emos
by Violentce | Crazy russian guy walks in all nonchalant and ends up smashing like 5 emo kids. Not as bad as I originally thought this was but still a good video.

OG Russian Vs 5 Pickpocketers
by Violentce | Russian OG takes on five pickpocketers. Seems fake but I can't tell

Asian Kid Vs 7 Bullies
by Violentce | An Asian kid being bullied by some pathetic jerks....that's all that needs to be said.

Baseball Bat Vs Face 2
by Violentce | Some newb tries spinning around with his head on the baseball bat which is on the ground. He swings once he stops spinning and ends up throwing the bat away from his hands. Unlucky watcher takes it to the chops.

One Punchers Vs Punched
by Violentce | Random compilation of people getting one punched in various venues.

Tough Group Vs Other Group
by Violentce | his is just a clip of a bunch of teenagers setteling some problems in a parking garage.It seems kind of confusing at first,but basically it's how it looks,one side hates the other..After a small scuffle one of the teens ends up knocked cold face firs...

G Vs G
by Violentce | op Comment from YT: "good shit knocked the fucked out...but bro it's done there i can't believe people who keep punching and even stomping after someone is knocked out. Who wants to go to murder over a fist fight honestly man up and walk away you ...

Man Vs People
by rjhuaman2009 | girl get hit by man in a pool and then all the people around go against the man. Another reason why men shouldn’t hit women.

KO Punches Vs Funny Ko
by drak3ll0rd | boxing hits and other hits at their finest

Boy Vs Boys
by jsubang |People sometimes do things in a crowd that they would not have the courage to do alone because crowds can diffuse responsibility. Crowds, in addition, can intensify a sentiment simply by creating a critical mass of like-minded people.

Quamie Beck Vs Unlucky MMA'er
by Violentce | uote from YT "My name is Quamie Beck. I am part of the Eastern Michigan Mixed Martial Arts Team and this was my first knockout! I will load the Full video later! =]Close up Cage side KO. Face Breaking Abuse.He got hit with a G6. They had to call ...

Tony Jaa Vs Gang
by Violentce | Crazy video of some martial artist breaking arms and legs. Might be a movie but still a very intense scene.

by samron | Check out this awesome fight between the legendary Bruce LEe and CHuch Norris. Both of the with their great fighting abilitiues create an awesome movie that has this breathtakingfight scene. A must watch and a must see movie.

Yankee Fan Vs Marlin Fan
by samron | heck out this video taken by a handycam where a Yankee Fan and a Marlin Fan fight it out. At one moment one of the guys jumps off and gets into the fight and you can see a girl trying to scream in the background. Also a 10-year-old kid gets hit and c...

Robocop Vs Neo
by samron | In this video Robocop is compared to Neo, Neo is from the world famous movie the Matrix. The Matrix was one of a kind movie and was a huge hit staring Keanu Reeves. Robocop was another movie that is legendary in its own way.

Nick Best Vs Kevin Paris
by squashylights | Watch this cool East coast street fight where nick best is fighting kevin paris....enjoy the fight

Boxer Vs 2 Idiots
by Violentce | One idiot smacks a girl, accident or not, the boxer boyfriend unleashes.