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Predators Vs Prey
by Violentce | Intense top 10 animal hunting video between predators and prey. Good clip for sure. Well worth the watch.

Lion Vs Crocodile2
by MindGamer | A lion meets a crocodile at the bank of a river and scares it away. Unbeliebavle!

Turtle Vs Alligator
by kjsevilla | altwater Crocodile eating a giant turtle caught on the great barrier reef,

Heron bird Vs Frog 2
by puspanjali | The heron bird dips the beak into pond the poor frog in the pond got a bad luck and become a great dinner for heron..

Undersea Vs Volcano 2
by puspanjali | Underwater sea volcanic eruptions occurred in floor and magma flows on and erupts like crackers.

Sharks Vs Hunt Killers 2
by puspanjali | A Sea is the winner always as it has the mighty shark with all small fish and the sailor hunter!

Shark Vs Crocodile 4
by puspanjali | A Shark is been attacked by a crocodile which has been knocked by a man too so bad luck!

Shark Vs Octopus 4
by puspanjali | A Shark Vs Octopus fight its quite dangerous where the shark is willing to have food but is knocked!!!

Animals Vs kids 2
by puspanjali | Kids are being injured by the funny activities of animals and birds

Shark Vs Crocodile 3
by Target | Shark Vs Crocodile Crocodile swims and has a Baby Sharkin hes mouth.

Shark Vs Dog
by DemoNik | A Retriever catches his first shark. Struggled a little but was able to retrieve it anyway. Good Boy!

Croc Vs Shark
by DemoNik | Crocodile caught on camera fighting off to get the small shark against friends in Yatch.

Killer Whale Vs Sea Lions
by DemoNik | Poor poor Sea Lions. They can't live up with their name against a Killer Whale.

Polar Bear Vs Walrus 3
by DemoNik | A gruesome footage of a Polar Bear having a fight to the death with the Walrus . . .. as long as he's dead meat "to eat" in the end.

Sharks Vs Hunt Killers
by DemoNik | Sea Hunters hunts Sharks. But sharks also hunts hunters. Who wins? The SEA of course! It devours everything!

Shark Vs Shark
by DemoNik | A small shark in a huge aquarium attacks another shark out of nowhere

Tiger sharks Vs whale carcass
by DemoNik | Packs of Tiger Sharks eating a whale carcass in Onion Bay on Palm Island, near Townsville.

Great white Shark Vs Eats man
by sean512 | Hear the amazing story of the Australian Abalone diver, Eric, who found himself inside a great white shark, being eaten alive.

Killer whale Vs trainer 2
by sean512 | Killer whales are actually dolphins but in this video that's a real Killer whale killed its trainer.

Killer whale Vs trainer
by sean512 | Killer whales are actually dolphins but in this video that's a real Killer whale killed its trainer.

Lions Vs Crocs
by sean512 | Part two of the Lions vs Crocs sighting we had in the Masai Mara, Kenya. in kenya lions Struggling for food and starving, so they even daring to steal the food from the crocs in thw water.

Frog Vs Mouse 2
by jsubang | The frog pulls in his prey with a unique adaption, it uses what it called the force. It's a full day meal.

Octopus Vs Video cam Vs Speargun
by jsubang | hile trying to get video of a wild octopus, it suddenly dashed towards me and rips my shiny new camera from out of my hands, then swims off, all while the camera is recording! he swam away very quickly like a naughty shoplifter. after a 5 minute chas...

Octopus Vs Cuttlefish
by jsubang | I decided to switch the camera to video mode. I was totally unaware of the cuttlefish, which I thought was just a piece of seaweed. I got a big shock when the cuttlefish struck. The shock in my voice is my genuine reaction.

Octopus Vs Eel
by jsubang | I just put my new artic octopus in my 60 gallion salt water tank when it fallso n my eel and the eel rips part of his leg off.

Octopus Vs Shark 3
by jsubang | Ever wish you could change shape and color the way the Cyanea Octopus can? Amazing talent.

Shark Vs Octopus 2
by jsubang | t a rate of size the octopus devour a shark of the same size and even more bigger, the shark need to move to breath in the water because the shark not have diaphragm. The octopus is very intelligent and cunning and capture the shark between his te...

Man Vs Dolphin
by jsubang | Dolphin leaps on top of a guy and...made her day! What a great excitement for the audience.

Snake Vs Toad
by patriciapapier | A GRASS SNAKE Vs A Big TOAD (fight for life) in the garden. Incredible!

Snake Vs Big Fish
by patriciapapier | Watch as a snake decides to make a pretty big fish his next meal

Fish Vs Duck
by patriciapapier | At 0:50, a greedy monster fish eats a poor little yellow baby-duck

Fish Vs Baby Gator
by patriciapapier | On this video watch a fish how it eats baby gator while in the water!

Centipede Vs Snake
by patriciapapier | A Huge Centipede fightin a snakein a plantation area in Penang.Its length might be exceeding 60 cm.

Goldfish Vs Turtle
by patriciapapier | Baby mississippi map turtle trying to eat a worm and is bullied by a goldfish.

Anaconda Vs Human
by patriciapapier | Human is teasing an Anaconda, forcing it to attack him! Luckily, it only ripped his trousers

30 Spuer Reds Vs Mouse
by asiasgoddess | You will see on this video a shocking Piranhas deleting a poor mouse...............

Shark Vs Woman 2
by asiasgoddess | Caugh on video a shark attack a woman and her friends was there to help her its like a thug of war between her friends and the shark.

Shark Vs Crocodile2
by samron | Check out this amazing video, here a fisherman catches a shark and soon he realizes that a Crocodile is after the same shark, and the crocodile will not let go of the shark. The shark seems to be dead by the bite of the crocodile.

Man Vs Cat Fish
by squashylights | Funny how they both catched with the right hand, duno when they did before able to get em fishing on hook.hahah what a freaking awesome video

Turtle Vs Duck
by madel911 | A snapping turtle ates a duckling mommy duckling tried to save her chick but its too late.

Shark Vs Octopus
by madel911 | Dont you ever missed up with a giant and hungry octopus and you will get what this shark got!!!

Shark Vs Crocodile
by Violentce | Crocodile attacks a shark that has been caught by a fisherman. Tough luck for the fisherman.

Lion Vs Crocodile
by samron | The Lion is the king of the Jungle, but the African Crocodile is no joke as well. So when both of them battle it out together, there is a showdown. Thats all in this awesome video

Octopus Vs Shark 2
by samron | See how the Shark falls prey to an Octopus just because the Shark gets in its way. Now, we learn from the Octopus that, one way to get rid of someone is to eliminate them. Thats exactly what the huge Octopus has done.

Male Polar Bear Vs Female Walrus
by asiasgoddess | ee where both tusks penetrated his left rear side, leg and stomach. Both10" tusks full borethey are not needles. They are weapons.Tendons and maybe parts of his stomach got reamedAnd to think he wanted to be buried under the Big Oak TreeMR...

Beaver Vs Otter
by asiasgoddess | This group of 3 otters approach a beaver. The beaver stands his ground and shows the otters that he wont be intimidated even if it is 3 on 1.

Penguin Vs Seal
by asiasgoddess | A leopard seal is surprised when it does not catch this cute penguin chick. But what about this particular bird's actions saved its life? Find out in this amazing free nature footage

Fish Vs Fish
by srikanth |

Fish Vs Turtle
by srikanth |

Octopus Vs Shark
by srikanth |

Polar Bear Vs Ring Seal
by Violentce | Amazing footage of a bear waiting for a seal to come up for air. As the seal comes up for air, the polar bear pounces.