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USS Yorktown CG 48 Vs Russian Boat
by Violentce | In february 1988 while in the black sea i was a Gunnersmate on the USS Yorktown cg 48 and we where rammed off the coast of the USSR by a soviet naval vessel.

Idiots Vs Injuries
by sean512 | Random idiots doing stunts with all types of watercraft, boats, and motorcycles. Not too bad at all.

Big Ship Vs Crash
by jsubang | A ship entering the port cannot stop and it crashes in the port(oil tanker).

Ship Vs Crash
by jsubang | A Giant waves hits an big ship and ends up crashing the ship.

China Fishing Ship Vs Crash
by jsubang | Footage shows a ship collision between a Japanese coast guard boat and a Chinese fishing boat.

Ship Vs Bridge
by asiasgoddess | I am surprised he didnt sue the Canal for making him work that day. What jerks because he should never have worked that day. Of course he was seeing colours because of the med but still doesnt mean he should work

Sailboat Vs Pier
by asiasgoddess | Laser sucked into pier sink sinking sinks wipeout boat crash Hobie 33 Crash boating nightmare disaster realtv extreme tv Sailboat sinks off california ca blunder

Bomb Vs Boat
by squashylights | Underwater Nuke but a tsunami is technically a shock wave in the water so this is technically a radioactive boiling tsunami.

Idiots Vs Boat
by squashylights | There idiots destroy a perfectly good boat by dropping it into the water and it epicaly capsising

Whaling Ship Vs Protesters Ship
by Violentce |