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Eagles Vs Animals
by Violentce | Video clip of eagles taking down all kinds of animals. Animals getting attacked: Wolves, Bears, deer, rabbits, mountain goats and other animals.

Golden Eagles Vs Wolves
by Violentce | n western Mongolia, an ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles is still alive. We know from history that Genghis Khan had 1,000 hunting birds - eagles, falcons and gyrfalcons - and so did Kubla Khan. There were protected areas in the steppe m...

Wolf Vs Golden Eagles
by Violentce | During October 2008 i visited to film the \"Golden Eagle Fetival\" in Ulgii Mongolia.I spend few days with one falconer and absorbed their trainning methods.

Eagle Vs Grizzly Bear
by Violentce | Bald eagle swoops down and hits grizzly bear in the face. Naknek River, Alaska, August 2010.

Golden Eagles Vs Wolf
by Violentce | Golden eagle killing more grey wolves. Crafty Mongolians

Wolf Vs Lamb and Wolfhound
by DemoNik | A wolf caught on cam attacking lambs then a Wolfhounds comes to the rescue!

Wolf Vs Elk 2
by jsubang | That's a very pretty young female, judging by her nervousness, she must be on another pack's territory, prehaps she has broken off from her pack tolook for a mate or join another pack.

Wolves Vs Elk
by jsubang | Video shows gray wolf chasing an elk into water and killing it with a throat hold. These wolves are killers in their own right.

Wolf Vs Wild boar
by jsubang | It is interesting to see how canids, whether from the canis, lycaon, or whatever genus the dholes are from, seem to share similar tactics when displacing other (larger) predators.

Wolf Vs Elk
by jsubang |A scary and crazy wolf singles out an elk with a broken antler, chases him, and finally takes him down in Yellowstone National Park in the winter of 2007.

Wolf Vs Eagles 2
by jsubang | These scary and starving eagles tries to kill this wolf for a delicious dinner.

Wolf Vs Eagles
by jsubang | These scary and starving eagles tries to kill this wolf for a delicious dinner.

Wolves Vs Wild boar
by jsubang | Two Russian gray wolves attack two young adult male wild boars. What a struggle in an animal kingdom.

Wolf Vs Wolf Vs Bear
by jsubang | White Fang the movie shows the braveness of the wolf fighting other animals and even human will not be spared.

Wolves Vs Moose
by jsubang | I wish it was possible to own a wolf. But I know thats not possible. Its nearly impossible to get close to a wolf cub without coming across its mother. Then you have to get out of there in one piece

Wolves Vs Coyote Vs Bird
by jsubang | i would feel sad for the coyote, but i'm not. it sneaked right up to the carcass, passed the pack of wolves, and scattered the birds who had 'permission' to take a share.

Wolves Vs Bird
by jsubang | As the terror bird migrates north, it confronts some new competition -- who will win, giant bird or vicious wolf?

Wolves Vs Oxen
by jsubang | The protective mother oxen tried to protect her young from the mad and bad wolves.

Wolf Vs Coyote
by jsubang | oyotes can live everywhere, forest, grassland, suburb you name it. Wolves can't do that. Coyotes will eat basically anything and they don't need to follow large herds to keep their bellies full. Coyotes have been known to, more than once, get onto tr...

Wolves Vs Bear Vs Tiger
by jsubang | Wolves hunt in packs and Tigers are lone hunters so comparing sizes is actually right on a pack of wolves would be the equivalent of a male tiger. God obviously knew this and therefore made one animal a pack animal and the other a lone hunter.

Wolves Vs Bear
by jsubang | The wolves outnumbered the scary bear and victoriously steal its dinner.

Wolf Vs Lambs
by jsubang | Watch this clip with wolf attacking the poor lamb in the forest.

Wolf Vs Bears
by jsubang | It's one sunny day in the animal kingdom when the intruder wolf tried to scare off the Mama bear and her babies.

Cat Vs Fox
by patriciapapier | From a Swedish nature television show. Here's a brave cat fighting a wolf.

Fox Vs Rat
by patriciapapier | ts not nice to see any living creature being killed and in this way. This Fox and the Foxes in this area catch and eat alot of Rats. The young Fox might appear to be cruel but it is likely that the young Fox is afraid of being bitten by this young Ra...

Eagle Vs Wolf
by Niz1986 | This video showing how eagle can takes on wolf so easily and can kill them too

Wolves Vs Grizzly Bears
by asiasgoddess | Grizzly bears and wolves fight for resources in Yellowstone Park.

Cougar Vs Wolf
by asiasgoddess | ats have more weapons then a wolf. A Wolf just use his theets to kill. A cat use his teeths and his paws with his sharp claws to kill. On top of that, the cat is faster and more supple then a wolf. So yeah, I still think a cat in the same size/wei...